Don’t you dare read that book!

July 23, 2007

You know that feeling when you walk into a book store and wander off to the business aisle, or when you browse for books on under “business” or “entrepreneurship”?

Admit it, you get that feeling inside of you that’s hard to explain. You feel that fire inside your belly, you feel like your brain is opening up to absorb all the knowledge inside those best sellers. You feel if you just take home that book then it’ll add heaps to your bottomline. All your problems regarding business will be solved by reading the myriad of books you read and will continue reading.

But wait, don’t you dare read that book you’re holding in your hands and salivating over. Not yet.

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Say cheese… Doh!

July 15, 2007

I know in order for the readers of a blog to connect with its author that he (or she) should give out general personal info about himself (or herself).  You folks deserve to know who’s writing the stuff you read. Successful bloggers show their smiling mugs on their sites, laying out their CV’s, and bragging about their accomplishments. Then readers think they are credible and they have some level of expertise on that particular subject.

 The reason why I want to stay anonymous is because I want to. Seriously, aside from that there is a pretty good reason for that.

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I stake my claim…

July 13, 2007

I have just finished claiming my blog over at Technorati a couple of minutes ago. It was very easy to do, it took me about 2 minutes from start to finish. Made me sad though cause I saw my rank … i was in the 7-digit pack. That’s ok, at least I’ll be improving one of these days, hey there’s nowhere else to go but up (that’s sweet lemoning).

All you have to do is join them and become a member. After that just fill out the usual info, a few descriptions, and a few tags and you’re done. I did not find any problem setting it up although I have read in the forums that a lot of people have been encountering problems regarding how to claim their own blogs. I guess all you have to do is follow instructions and it’ll go along smoothly.

There’s a part of the setting page where you get to place a photo of yourself, I am considering putting up a photo of me. Although right from the start I wanted to be anonymous. Why? I’ll write about it on my next post.

That’s it for now, don’t forget to make me one of your fave’ blogs by clicking the Technorati icon on the sidebar. Thanks in advance.

Don’t forget to claim your blog (if you have one). Out.

2 out of 3 ain’t bad. Or is it?

July 9, 2007

Here’s a story to illustrate my point.

A man asks a price quote from a carpenter for the renovation he wants done on his house. The carpenter replies that that there are 3 things that the man would want – he would want the project to be 1) inexpensive, 2) done fairly quick and 3) of course good quality.

Unfortunately, he can only get 2 out of the 3. If he wants it done quick and with top quality, it’s going to cost him a small fortune. And if he opts for quick and inexpensive – it isn’t going to be done with the quality he expects. So naturally if he wants it inexpensive and with great quality … you get the idea.

The way I see it, the things that consumers look for in every product or service are the Key Success Factors (KSF) that any business should possess (or at least strive to). And more than just what our beloved customers want – these are the imperative characteristics that our businesses should have in order to achieve success.

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More than meets the eye (insert transforming sound here).

July 4, 2007

This post is about branding and positioning (and giant alien robots, really).

I’m pretty sure my readers know what positioning is and I do not need to define it further.  Ok, here’s a link where you can read all about it.

I would like to veer away from the usual examples like Coca-Cola, Colgate etc. You have been bombarded with these examples because they are textbook-perfect for topics like branding and positioning. I would like to give you other maybe less-accepted situations as examples because it’s just more fun that way. Anyway, these are based on my own views and are to be taken in conjunction with your stock knowledge about branding. Do not bash me if you don’t agree with my views (post your objections politely in the comments box).

So on with what I want to talk with you about, Branding and Positioning. And a good way to illustrate this is talking about… Transformers! Yes you read that right, Transformers – the movie about giant alien robots fighting their war on Earth. Really.

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